Restaurant Equipment

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Knowing the type of restaurant that will be opened is key to knowing the type of restaurant equipment that should be purchased. A small cafe will not need nearly as much restaurant equipment than a fancy, full-scale restaurant will need. A grab and go restaurant like McDonald’s will have different needs than a semi-fast food restaurant like Applebee’s.

There are some basic necessities that all kitchens will need, however the size and type needed will vary. For example, all restaurants will need refrigeration; however, not all will need a walk-in refrigerator. Some restaurants will be able to use sliding door refrigeration units. Also, all restaurants will need a freezer of some type. Freezers can also be found in walk-in size or in separate units that are similar to household freezers.

All kitchen equipment lists will include a stove. Again, the type of stove will be determined by the type of restaurant. Fast food restaurants may only need flat top stoves for cooking burgers, full scale restaurants may need a combination flat top and gas burner stove with oven. Still other restaurants may need only gas burner stoves.

Fryers are another common piece of restaurant equipment that most all restaurants use. These are for deep frying many different foods. Some types of restaurants may only need one small fryer, while others, like fast food restaurants may need to have several fryers. Get the facts about  Keedy’s palm desert  see this.


Ovens, as typical as they may seem, are another piece of restaurant equipment that can vary from one place to another. Large, full-scale restaurants may need to have oversized ovens; specialty restaurants such as pizza parlors may need special wood burning ovens, while fast-food restaurants may only need microwave ovens.

Food processors and commercial mixers are also important pieces of restaurant equipment. Biscuits, yeast rolls and other pastry items required the use of mixers and household ones aren’t practical for use. Not all restaurants will need them but many will and they need to use commercial grade ones to get the most for their money.

Beverage machines are also important pieces of restaurant equipment. Both hot and cold beverages have to be accounted for and there are machines for them both.

Cold beverage equipments, such as soda fountains are typically supplied and serviced by vendors who sell the products. They can also be purchased and then filled by vendors. These are often self-service type set-ups; however in upscale restaurants they are not self-serve. Hot beverage stations usually consist of commercial coffee makers and possibly espresso/cappuccino machines.

There are many pieces of restaurant equipment that must be considered when opening a restaurant. The important aspect is to make sure that the equipment is big enough to service the restaurants needs without being too costly for the restaurant too afford. Use a checklist and make sure the restaurant is able to supply what is needed for a successful business.