The new Gotham steel nonstick pans – Guide

Saturday , 16, March 2019 Comments Off on The new Gotham steel nonstick pans – Guide

When My Bigger Half and I merged our households, he had non-stick coated pans and I had stainless steel pans. Neither set was in great shape, so after moving into our new house we decided it was time to upgrade. That was the easy part. Deciding what to buy was harder.

I want to clarify what I mean by neither was in great shape. My stainless steel pots and pans had broken handles. My Bigger Half’s non-stick coatings were flaking off, even though the pans were a high-end brand. I don’t like cooking with pots that don’t have handles. I really don’t like cooking with pans that have flaking surfaces. Get additional information at

My Bigger Half loved non-stick pans because he felt they cleaned up nicely. My complaint against non-stick surfaces is that you have to treat them gently. You can’t whip your potatoes in a non-stick pan, not without damaging the surface. You can whip them in a stainless steel pan without any problems.

After sharing several articles talking about the problems with the chemicals that make non-stick surfaces what they are, My Bigger Half was convinced to go with stainless steel. It’s good to be forced to sell your ideas. Sometimes.

Stainless steel is probably the best cooking surface because it’s fairly inert, unlike aluminum pans. It’s can be reasonably priced, compared to enamel-coated pans. It doesn’t rust like cast iron.

These pots and pans aren’t heavy like enamel-coated or cast iron pans. They don’t flake like non-stick pans. They don’t interact with your food like aluminum pans can. (And some people think aluminum cookware is implicated in Alzheimer’s disease.)

I wasn’t sure what kind of pots and pans I wanted to buy. I thought enamel pans were what great cooks used, but I wasn’t excited about the price. But then stainless steel can be expensive too. Such a dilemma. We solved it by asking my big brother, an excellent cook with a fabulous kitchen. He suggested Farberware because their stainless steel pots and pans are reasonably priced and durable; his pot is over 30 years old.

Huh. What a delightful surprise! We could get a 12-piece Farberware stainless steel set for the same price as one of the big-name stainless steel skillets. So we did. And we bought a 10-piece set as well. Then we bought a stainless steel wok. And finally we added stainless steel cookie sheets, cake pans, and brownie pans to round out the collection.

I indicated this was a healthier choice for us. It’s healthier in that we don’t have unhealthy surfaces leaching chemicals into our food as we cook, we can cook with olive oil and not have food stick, and we don’t need to put much water into the pans when cooking vegetables because of the style of the pots.