Understanding Hunting Store

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Hunting stores are the places to shop to satisfy any equipment need you may have to participate in this sport. Whether you are a gun hunter or an archery enthusiast these businesses carry all the gear you could desire for a successful trip into the woods. In addition their knowledgeable associates are trained to answer any questions you may have about specific gear or camping products.

One of the things you will first notice in well-appointed hunting stores is the wide variety of rifles that are available to customers. One of the top animals that are hunted in the United States is the Deer and his close cousin the antelope. The dates for hunting these two species are listed by state with deer being general to the eastern part of the country and antelope in the more mountainous western states. Discussions about the perfect rifle to use against either one of these animals is ongoing and has filled many pages of magazines devoted on this subject. Rather than come down on one side or the other it is probably more profitable to divide your choice of rifle into clear categories, woods and brush rifles and open country long-range deer and antelope rifles. These categories are useful because on the east coast and other areas of the country the shots you might make would be less then 200 yards because of the confines of the landscape.Do you want to learn more? Visit store for hunting.

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In more open ranges this would open up to shots of 200 yards or more. The other factor to consider when choosing a rifle is do you use a scope or not. In the woods or brush setting it clear that you probably wouldn’t need to but using one is not out of the question. On an open range, though, a scope would be an absolute necessity. On open range shots it would not be uncommon to make a shot of 300 yards or more. Popular calibers for these two classes of rifle are the .243 and .308 Winchester and .280 Remington up to the 7mm Winchester short magnum. All the rifles designed for these loads are shot without the help of a rest and are considered general-purpose rifles.

In the short to medium range woods and brush rifles one of the most popular is the BAR Mark II Lightweight Stalker. This rifle is one of the premium auto loading rifles on the market today. It has an aluminum alloy receiver and a steel bolt that locks directly into the barrel to keep its strength and durability. The reliability of this weapon is legendary and the civilian model is no exception. The gun is available in a wide range of calibers from standard range to heavy-duty magnum for bigger game.